Elyssa Campbell-Barr


There’s much more to editing a magazine than being a wordsmith.

My years producing publications for the National Union of Teachers, Ramblers, Lloyd’s of London Press and others have given me a wide range of editorial skills:

  • reporting, interviewing, news-gathering and feature-writing
  • commissioning and supporting writers, designers, photographers and illustrators
  • sub-editing and proofreading
  • design and page layout
  • photography, picture research, photo editing and coordinating photoshoots
  • organising printing, packaging and postal services
  • securing advertising and sponsorship, directly and through agencies
  • online publishing and social media
  • readership research and correspondence
  • producing bilingual publications in Welsh/English and minority ethnic languages
  • writing in plain English and creating accessible communications for people with visual impairments or skills deficits
  • working productively with editorial boards and sub-committees
  • developing house-style guides, advertising policies and digital photo libraries.

Along the way, I’ve developed broader management expertise in:

  • people management, recruitment and mentoring
  • budget setting and financial management
  • supplier relationships, including tendering processes and contract negotiations
  • brand management and corporate identity 
  • project management and evaluation
  • communications strategy and content design
  • training and presenting.

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