Words are wonderful.

They create stories that readers remember and share. They instruct clearly, saving time and money. At their best, they make people think and feel differently.

But pick the wrong words, or put them together in the wrong way, and you’ll bore, frustrate or alienate your audience. 

My job is to find the best possible words and present them in the best possible ways. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years, in print and online, for big brands, national charities, membership associations, education organisations and some of the UK’s best known newspapers and magazines.

Perhaps I could do it for you too.

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From must-read features and inspirational interviews to full websites, magazines or books, I’ll craft the words that connect people with your organisation. I specialise in education, health, childcare and parenting, as well as charity and membership communications. You might have seen my work for…

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